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Thread: 2005 scion xb install

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    2005 scion xb install

    start to almost finish pics , dash pieces will be picked up tomorrow from paint shop ( i am not a painter -and i want a picasso)

    here is a brief discription of what i did and time and money spent :

    time from start to finish : 1 month

    hours spent on epoxy, glassing, spot putty,molding, drilling ,cutting and sanding : aprox 100 hours

    total cost estimate: 1200 us dollars

    work farmed out: piant (cost) 75.00 us dollars

    via m1000 micro atx main board (1 giger)
    30 gig used laptop drive
    laptop dvd rom drive
    512 k corsair ram
    opus 150 power supply (bad *** i must say)
    liliput 7 inch touch screen (also bad ***)
    usb wifi adapter (forgot the brand)
    usb rf mini keyboard (forgot the brand 50 bucks on line)

    all the moulding welding and install i did myself (everything but paint work) pics of that tomorrow)

    laptop hard drive in homemade mount via mig welder

    almost done sanding

    test fit

    map pocket houses after market head

    hacking up factory switch panel

    moulded dvd rom where factory switch panel was

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    test fit

    switch panel...

    usb access

    mobo wired and installed

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    looks like a damn fine job
    [H]4 Life
    My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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    Looks sweet.

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    more pics

    parts painted and installed ahhh..... well now for the software tweaks....

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    Looks great. I like how you left the outline of the housing showing instead of doing a flush or recessed mount.

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    thanks, for your comments, as far as leaving the outline, it just looked more "factory to me" although i was not going for a total factory look , i wanted it to look like someone from the manufacture dreamed it up so to speek,
    i have been a aftermarket 12 volt (car electronics) installer for about 15 years professionaly and before that just sticking paper clips in wall outlets along with garbage picking tv sets and getting shocked by the capacitors. its in my blood what can i say ... (thats why i can not spell)

    as bad as the things are going in the world , the tech geeks like me and all of you are loving where we are at as far as gadgets computers and technology (a positive thing that can be used for bad **** anything... money , power - government etc...)

    to sum it up , love this board and its purpose... ROCK ON!!!!

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    very nice install!! Do you happen to have the paint code for that silver. It look slike the silver i am looking for to finish painting my dash. I am doing the dash 2 toned, themiddle is Black Sand Pearl, and the outside where the ac vents is going to be some kind of metallic silver to match the lether seats i have. again very nice install?
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