Ok, so after lurking on mp3car for almost 6 months, I've started really planning my parts for an as-yet-obtained vehicle. I've started tearing out the stereo from the car we're trading in (Dodge Caravan) as I figure the dealer that gets the trade could car less if there is a stereo in it or not. I'll use the money from the sale of that head unit to fund the purchase of some of the gear for my new car's carPC. There won't be much on this thread going on until I actually buy the car, but I may post the parts I've purchased as I buy them. The stuff I have already:

StreetWires 4ga wire - 50ft.
StreetWires 1 fuse holder (for right near battery)
Streetwires 4 fuse holder (for powering all the stuff)

That's about it. Seeing as how I don't even have the vehicle yet, I'm waiting to decide on the exact form factor of the PC enclosure, speakers, amps, etc. I have some ideas, but I'm basing my vehicle purchase on how well a touchscreen is going to integrate (think factory look) into the whole dash. I'm thinking I'd like to keep the factory head unit and use some sort of interface jack from a CD changer or aux interface of some kind.

I plan to use the carPC as the gps, nav system, mp3/flac player. I'm not sure about video in the car either, but I may think differently later on.

More later.