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Thread: 2005 Nissan X-Trail SE

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    2005 Nissan X-Trail SE

    I'm tracking my progress in photos here:

    My vehicle is a 2005 Nissan X-Trail SE AWD, 5-spd

    The planned system spec as it currently stands is:

    Travla C156 Case
    Via Epia MII12000 Motherboard
    512MB ULP RAM
    60GB 5400RPM Fujitsu 2.5" HD
    DVD-ROM tray-load drive from a dead Toshiba
    Holux GM210 GPS Receiver
    Elmscan/Digimoto ISO OBDII package
    Xenarc 700IDT VGA Touchscreen
    Carnetix CNX-P1290 Voltage Regulator & SSC
    7-Port Powered USB 2.0 hub
    Alpine CDE-9845 Head Unit
    Windows XP Pro

    I'm still shopping for PCMCIA wireless cards and external antennas, and figuring out how the GPS and WiFi antennas will mount. I also need to settle on most of the software decisions, including frontend and nav.

    I'll post more musings as I think of them, and progress updates.


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    Looks great, however I'd so suggest doing a flush mounted fabrication job for that double din spot you've got there, instead of the flip up screen, but that is just personal preference. Other than that, it looks great, very clean.

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    I think It looks great how it is.

    A lot of people don't have the time or skill required to fabricate a peice and the screen fits the style of the dash as it is. Obviously a majority of the people at this forum have the time and have worked with body filller and fiberglass numerous times, but not all. Also note that he wanted the screen to pivet side to side for better visibility.

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    im in the process of flush mounting a xenarc 700tsv in the dash of my 05 nissan xtrail.. it's really quite a straight forward process. dismantle a bit. dremell a bit. glue a bit. sand a bit. thats what i've done so far. might post pics one day if i can make an effort!
    2005 Nissan Xtrail
    DFI 855GME-MGF - Celeron M 1.4GHz - 256Mb RAM - 200Gb SATA HDD - OPUS 150w - Xenarc 700TSV


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    Update 2005-10-16

    I went for a while without having the time or the necessary tools to continue, but this weekend I finally made some headway. The new pics start here:

    Since my first post, I settled on a Proxim Orinoco Gold 802.11 B&G card with a 7db antenna, sold as a kit by this eBay store:

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