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Thread: 97 Mazda mx6 LS

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    97 Mazda mx6 LS

    So i havent started the build yet...but this is what i have (including audio acessories)

    aftermarket panasonic deck, dont remember what model (280$)
    Legacy 1000 watt amp. (taking out of my chevy truck)
    (2) Pioneer 400 watt 10" subwoofers (taking out of my chevy truck)
    Amd 2600 processor (included with motherboard)
    MSI KT 6 motherboard (40$ including amd 2600)
    Hewlett Packard 9100 series CDRW (taken from my old HP)
    8gb hdd for now - my 120gb died that i was going to use (taken from old HP)
    256 mb ddr pc2100/pc2700 ram (taken from my home machine after i upgraded to 1gb of ram)
    Custom build plexiglass case (picking up on the 17th)

    so so far, ive spent 40$ cash on this build HAHA. i think i left a few things out. Im gonna order a 7" or 8" touchscreen monitor and a opus 120 watt DC-DC PSU.

    what do you think? ill post pics of my car and equipment tomorrow.

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    welcome to the board!
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