Project is currently in the works, here is what i have so far.

here are the main parts:

7" touch screen mounted on dash
SoundBlaster Audigy NX
Pioneer Headunit

250 Watt inverter

Enlight Case(come stock with the side opened for added cpu ventalation)
Gigabyte Motherboard (forget model # off hand)
AMD Semperon 2600
256 MB DDR
40 GB Hard Drive
GeForce 5200 FX Video Card
Earthmate GPS

future plans:

have small keyboard on order, will be putting it in either center console, or glove box, might even put it on a snake like holder thingy to have it out all the time.

mold the display into the dash(still in deep thought about this, might do some kind of stealth installation)

need to find/purchase a wireless/gps external combo antena

might get a different mb/cpu combo, and get rid of the inverter,

Software: Windows 2000, Media Engine, Street Atlas(gps)

Some night time pics will be putting more in later.: