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Thread: Nissan 240sx on a mission

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    Nissan 240sx on a mission

    Ok guys this is my project. It's a '91 Nissan 240sx thatís been pushed to its limits over the years. I'm finally starting to refurbish it, if you will. I just replaced the Wiring harness and carpet. I'm about to put a new dash in so I've been able to mess with my current one without worrying about messing up. So Iíve started with the hatch area. I replaced the carpet and added some little cubbies with semi-hidden doors in them. One side for the computer, the other to keep stuff from rolling around back there. Here are some of the pics up to date. I would appreciate any feedback. The computer in the pic isn't the one I'll be using but I needed to show how everything fits. I'm currently putting together a motor and gear set for the screen. Everything looks dirty but it was getting late on Sunday and I had to work the next day, so don't mind the dust. Well enjoy.
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    Ok here are some of where the screen will go. Like I said using a junk dash to learn with really helps. I've already learned that the hole needs to be about 3/4 inch towards the back of the car. That metal bar gets a little in the way. And here's a pic of the new carpet being put in and one more of the trunk. I still need to cover those shack towers
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    Looks great!
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    Wow. You appear to be going from scratch. Id have to say that Refurbishing is an understatement. I like the LCD hinge location, but am curious to see how you will fully mount it. Looks good thus far. Good luck and God Speed.
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    man where are the updates, i wana do some simple stuff to my 240sx, and well i searched for 240sx and your ride came up

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    Yeah, man you gotta do some updates soon..... It's been 2 years.... Post some more.

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