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Thread: Daewoo Lanos (yeah thats right :))

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    Hell for a first install a daewoo is as good as as any. I have an '87 Camry and I installed a PC. Also you can use it for crazy experiments and not care if it goes wrong. I must say tho...I rented a Daewoo in italy and the thing was a POS and was the butt of every joke...but it worked, got fairly good mileage and got me from point a to point b well enough.
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    good luck on ur project, quick question : on right hand drive cars where is the 1st gear? is it like left hand drive cars??

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    yup it is. and the pedals go clutch, brake, accel too!

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    No Finisehed pics yet, i rang out of money. No local suppliers of anything. even though I have already wired and have amp, all wires and fuses and a computer it will see cost me $700 AUD for a touchscreen and power supply

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