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Thread: 2000 audi a4 1.8t

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    2000 audi a4 1.8t

    ok well first off i would just like to thank everyone who has contributed to the crazy amount of information on this website. i have been an obsessed lurker for about 6 months now and im finally getting close to having my install finished. (hopefully in the first couple of weeks of jan 06). so i figured i would post my progress so far.

    i have the whole computer up and running in my apt. i am using RR with a temporary skin i made just to get a feel for how the skinning process (and RR) works. i am a digital arts major, so i plan on making a nicer skin later on once everything is up and running smoothly (hopefully).

    ok here is a list of my parts so far, how much i paid for them, and where i got them. prices are rounded up and include shipping.

    via epia m10000 - $150.00 -
    panasonic uj-815b slim slot load cd/dvd - $85.00 -
    slim line usb enclosure for cd/dvd drive - $15.00 -
    256mb pc2100 ram - $21.00 -
    2.5" 80gb harddrive - $110.00 - ???i forget
    2.5" to 3.5" adapter - $20.00 - some local store
    15' usb cables - $6.00(ea.) -
    infinity reference 4" (2 sets) and
    infinity reference 6.5" components - $260.00 -

    Still Need:
    xenarc 700ts
    gps mouse

    i really want this install to be very clean and look like it was meant to be in the car. i got all excited about putting a computer in my car when i saw my friends install, but he never really finished cleaning it all up and i decided if i was going to do it, i was going to do it right and make it look clean. i found this thread, which is my same car, and decided that was the best way to install the computer. i am putting it in that location, but going about mounting it differently. (pictures to come). but the screen install just didnt work, and 2 of the bose speakers were blown anyways, so i decided to remove the HU, replace the speakers, and add an amp. the screen will be built into where the old HU was.

    other people with audis had been discussing putting a slim line cd/dvd player in the ash tray area but didnt like the fact that there wouldnt be much room to change cds. i decided to go ahead and install it there because it just seems like a really good place for it to be. hehe. and there really isnt a problem with the shifter getting in the way, unless you are in 3rd, and im not really going to be cruising in 3rd and changing cds anways, so all is good. in neutral and 5th there is plenty of room. and i love how it looks.

    the cd/dvd drive is the only part of the fabrication process i have completed. it was my first time using bondo or doing any fabrication work. it wasnt too bad, it was actually a lot of fun. my only advice is to sand a ton, and take your time. i found that reading too much and planning too much just freaks you out. you really should just jump in, cut your car up and do it. when i realized i was dremmeling my car i was like holy crap! ive got to do this good hehe. so yeah, ill post some pictures of the cd/dvd drive since thats about all i have thats exciting right now. more to come soon!

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    ash tray pictures

    here is a shot from the front
    Name:  cddrive3.jpg
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    blurry picture from the top. i had to cut out all kinds of plastic to get the enclosure to fit in there. then i used epoxy to attach the enclosure to the gutted ash tray
    Name:  cddrive4.jpg
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    heres how it looks installed in the car. HU will be replaced by xenarc touch screen
    Name:  cddrive1.jpg
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    that looks real stock! keep up the good job!

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    Looking great!

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