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Thread: Trip's 2004 Mitsu Lancer Ralliart Carputer worklog

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    Trip's 2004 Mitsu Lancer Ralliart Carputer worklog

    Well, I thought I'd start one of these so I can get some feedback. I got the system built this week, and started the first series of mods. Here is a list of hardware I've got in the system:

    -DFI G5M150-N ITX motherboard
    -Pentium-M Dothan 730 1.6Ghz 533fsb
    -2x215mb Corsair XMS PC3200 memory
    -Hitachi 2.5" 80gb 7200rpm notebook hard drive
    -Panasonic slot load DVD burner
    -Autzentech X-Plosion DD/DTS soundcard
    -M2-ATX PSU
    -Silverstone LC-09B case

    When I started this, I really wanted to get full 5.1 digital surround sound. I have been waiting for the X-Plosion soundcard to come out, but the release date kept getting pushed back. Now that I've got it, the building/modding can begin.

    The first mod I did was to add some rear Molex power ports. Since I plan to run the DVD burner (from the dash) and the touchscreen from the M2-ATX, I wanted a clean way to get power out of the case. Plus, I wanted a way that I could quickly disconnect the PC in case I was out of town or whatnot. Well, I got the mod done, here's a pic:

    The next phase is to incorporate the center channel speakers and the DVD burner into the dash. I haven't started that yet, but I'll post my progress as I work on it.

    Then, the PC will have to sit for a while. The screen I want comes out of China, and is hard to get in the states. Since my wife and I are both engineers, we'll probably each be spending some time in China within the next few months with suppliers. Hopefully I can find it and bring 1 (or a couple ) back with me. Anyway, that's all for now. I'll post some guts pics of the case when I get a second. Thanks, and more to come!


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    Well, I've spent a lot of time researching and modifying some of my components.... mostly for the car. But, I did get some pieces done for the carputer.

    Since I'll be running DTS for all of my sound, I needed a center channel. I drew up a bracket, and modified the cubby holding that's right below the screen in my car. Next, I made a grill for it. Here's a pic:

    Next was modifying the Radioshark. I changed it from this:

    ... to this:

    Now the red and black matches the car a little better.

    More updates to come... next is making a box for the 2 amps, DSP, carputer, etc.

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    haha the radioshark looks pretty badass, where you gonna mount it?
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    No clue yet. I think maybe on the rear cowel of the car, but who knows.

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