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Thread: 1995 Nissan 240sx (S14) **Intro WorkLog**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dopefish
    Guess I should update a little myself. lol

    I wired up my new audio, my entire interior is stripped and partially sound insulated. I'm working on some rear fill and relocating the battery to the rear in prep for the inverter and PC. Paint is not too far behind hopefully. I also got some new SE 7-spoke wheels. They clear the Z32 brake package incase I upgrade and arent ugly like the tri-stars I had. Oh yea, got SE fogs an the SE lip too.


    Gotta represent, White Fender Racing:

    Here is my temporary amp rack, I was gonna carpet it but I may make a new design since I'm adding the PC into the mix and I'd like some active cooling as well.

    I also made the engine repairs, but I'm still burning oild due to what I believe is failing piston rings. I'm aquiring a new engine which is being prepared for some boost.

    Thats one clean car. Nice job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fonque
    might I suggest
    This is where I bought my data cable for my OBD-1 nissan NX2000. As for software you have alot of choices. There is datascan (what I use most often) that comes with the cable.
    there is also conzult free, (built for 300zx's but works with most nissan's)
    Calumsult which was built by a member on
    and SRtalk which was built for sr20's but can also work on most obd1 nissan's.

    If you are doing anykind of tuning or troubleshoooting I would HIGHLY recommend this cable!
    I've actually decided to get a BikiROM add on board and do all my tuning through it -- should be the best 300$ a 240 owner can spend.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaPCWiz
    hmmm makes me wanna get my car repainted ruby pearl... I miss that color.
    Yea, yours was definately one of the nicest -- made me want to keep the color, as originally I was gonna change to gunmetal.
    [1995 Nissan 240sx]

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