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Thread: 2000 VW Passat (B5) in Mobile, AL

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    2000 VW Passat (B5) in Mobile, AL

    So I think just like a vast majority people I wasn’t going to do a work log but after months of reading and prodding about in here I would like to get this project underway and some feedback will be nice as well.

    Here is my car:

    As stated in the title, I have a 2000 VW Passat with lots of room in the Double-Din dash for some goodies.

    Some stats:
    -Cheap 7in in dash LCD that I took apart for a more integrated look
    -Toshiba 2.8GHz Laptop with Win XP and Xandros loaded, 512 Ram, Atheos Wireless, 40GB HDD
    -Modded XBOX v1.6 in the trunk with Xecuter X3 Chip and 200GB HDD
    -Couple power inverters, one for the Lappie and one for the XBOX
    -Pioneer DEH-P4600MP Head Unit
    -Harmony 659 Remote – Controls all IR in the car
    -External 250GB HDD via USB 2.0
    -There are a few other things but I cannot think of them right now

    I actually started this project a while back with the XBOX when I worked for a Home Theater company and had many tools at my disposal. But I recently received the laptop for free and decided to put it in the car. Other than all the wires being run already I started on integrating the LCD into the dash to give a cleaner look.

    My first stab at the integrated look was ok but I desired more. With my roommate breaking the first bondo bezel I made to go around the LCD and housing, I went to Lowes and bought some ¼ inch plywood and started at a new idea. Get rid of the plastic housing around the LCD all together.

    Of course the way VWs are, and the issue with the Monsoon sound system, I decided to leave my HU in and just push it back behind the LCD.

    Since I have an IR Repeater in the car it is no problem just hooking the HU up to that system. I am also going to hinge the LCD so it will just fold down when I would like to use the CD Player in the HU. I would really like to make it motorized but I don't think I will do that right now. The next step is to make a bezel out of bondo to cover the wood and put her into paint.

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    Great! Another B5... Can't wait to see the outcome, i'm starting my project again soon... Always Happy to see another VW!!!

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    Where da gold at!?

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    i wanna see how this turns out because i was thinkin of puttin my cd player behind the screen too. cuz i cant think of anywhere to relocate it. i was planning on relocating the faceplate and using it as a wired remote while the brain sits under my seat but i wanna have access to the cd player.

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    Well things have taken a turn for the broke right now. I am having some funding issues with this project but have traded a laptop for a 7" Xenarc and looking for ways to put that in the dash instead of the old monitor. My only problem is that I am not sure how I will secure the bezel in the dash once I have the screen fabbed in. I think thoug I am going to make it ultra ghetto to get it working as I am going to get a new car in about 10k miles. Only thing is that I will be another B5, well B5.5, and still need pointer on installing.

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