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Thread: 2001 Volvo S40

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    2001 Volvo S40

    Here's my in-progress S40 install. It's based off a smashed up and resurrected Dell D600 laptop. I'll probably wind up taking the screen down, refinishing and respraying it with a paint that matches better.
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    Looks really good. What was in where the monitor is now? What kind of monitor is it?

    Pictures of what you've done to the laptop?
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    Thanks... The LCD is a 7" lilliput. Here's a pic of a stock s40 interior.. I stuffed the laptop under the passenger seat.. I didn't take any pics of the pc, but I can take some and post them up this weekend. I do have some pics of the LCD housing fabrication that I can post tonight.
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    Welp, looks like I'm a bit behind schedule for posting all this, but better late than never.

    This is the first attempt at fabricating the screen with ABS + acetone slurry. I cut the plastic from my old printer and let it dissolve in acetone. I used the bezel from the Lilliput, and embedded it into the frame from my vent ducts. However, it turns out that the acetone warped the lilliput bezel and so rendered it nearly useless.
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    I ripped out everything from the vent frames and tried again, this time, instead of making all the surfaces out of slurry, I cut chunks to fit from my printer and molded the slurry around the solid pieces. Since I didn't have a bezel for the lilliput anymore, I had to cut a piece of lexan the same size as the screen, cover it with aluminum foil so the slurry wouldn't stick to it (Reynold's release wrap is great for this), and mold a new bezel completely out of ABS.

    This is a pic right before the initial paint job.
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    And this is the first paint job. I didn't have the right grades of sandpaper and so the surface was a bit rough. I have since resanded and repainted it to match the dash better.
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    Here are the attachments for the lilliput guts that hang out the back. Because of the short length of the ribbon cable, I had to angle the circuit board downward in the metal frame. I've also soldered wires to the power and brightness buttons that are fed down to a switch area in the center console.
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    Here is the opening that the screen fit in. The vent ducts are blocked off with pieces of sheet metal and HVAC tape. I put the GPS antenna above one of those ducts.
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    So here's the Dell D600 laptop that I used. I bought one off ebay that had a smashed screen and boy was it smashed up. I soldered leads to the power and lid switch to extend to my switch/fingerprint sensor area. I also cut open the hard drive cage to fit an older 25GB travelstar that was thicker. I chose this drive since it didn't have fluid dynamic bearings to gum up in the winter. I then covered the entire top with aluminum sheet metal and stuck it under the passenger seat.
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    Here it is jammed under the seat. Pardon the mess. I needed a vacuum at the time.
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    Here is the wiring coming down from the screen behind the radio panel.
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    Here is the wiring under the center console just behind the gear shift with the usb hub and wiring.
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