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Thread: 1993 subaru (nothing special, but it is my love)

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    Angry 1993 subaru (nothing special, but it is my love)

    Hello everyon,
    I've been reading on this site for about the past two months and i wanted to give my 2 cents but didn't know where and well since i have a car and have been constantly working on it for the last 6 months i figured work logs would be nice.

    Right now i have:
    infinity 1030W sub + scoche amp 273 watts (tested)
    4 Infinity 75w RMS@ 2ohms + 4 channel alpine MRP-F250
    head unit is kenwood kdc-X879 (getting repaired)

    since it is getting repaired i have temporarily hooked a portable CD player to the amps sounds, alright, i guess

    but in the next few months i'm going to put a computer in i'll try to get pictures tomorrow of how i want to do it, i'm thinking of taking everything out in the center area of the dash.

    i would like to get a shuttle PC, P1900 DC - DC controller , and black Xenarc 7' with a little fabrication it will all fit, i can't wait to get started (need the funds first) damn college

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    hey here some pics of the current situation. i hope it works first time posting pictures. i built this box myslef it looks sub-par but sounds awesome, thats a infinity 1030W, i might sell it and go for a new kicker comp 10. Let me know what you all think? i'm new and JUST getting started on a CarPC
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    Progress on stereo system 100%

    Progress on carpc 0%

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