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Thread: Derek's 2000 Ford Taurus

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    I like the Subs setup....

    You did a smart thing getting rid of your Taurus... those things are horrible... So are Sables......



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    Quote Originally Posted by d_sellers1 View Post
    I've been away from MP3Car for a little while now. Things have changed... I've moved from Temple to Austin. Got a new job. Just got a new car. Well, it's not really new... just new to me. I got a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. I intend to take everything out of my Ford Taurus and put it in to the Focus.

    Year's ago I stumbled on to a site that showed Chris' Focus and some of his tutorials. I was interested in his fiberglass work that he had done with his car. Flash forward a few years later, I now have the same exact car and will pretty much mirror his installation (just with newer and more up-to-date hardware). This was his end results:

    Here are some pictures of my car. Sorry for the quality. They were taken with my camera phone. Better pictures will be taken (hopefully this weekend when I wash the car).


    Nice Hood.... Looks better on my car tho

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    Rafster - I never said that I got rid of the Taurus... I still have it and will probably use both cars an equal amount of time. I like the fact of having two cars because if one goes down, needs to go in the shop, or just whatever, I've got another one. Renting gets to be expensive...

    michaudtime - Hey... That is a rather nice hood that you have too... I wasn't tol what exactly is on this car. What's the name of the hood that you and I have?

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    Mine is a VIS Evo style hood but your ride is looking good nice and clean

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaudtime View Post
    Nice Hood.... Looks better on my car tho
    I think it looks best on the original:

    and @
    Quote Originally Posted by rafster
    You did a smart thing getting rid of your Taurus... those things are horrible...
    This may be true, but why was it the best selling car for a few years in a row?

    (I've got a taurus, and it's ok, but quality is just not all there...)

    Oh, and sorry to bump old thread, I actually did a search of the pioneer GM-5000T to see other install pics... found this page.
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