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Thread: 03 Tiburon GT Carputer

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    03 Tiburon GT Carputer

    Ok, I am a noob so bear with me. I have decieded to put a computer in my 03 Tiburon and I was thinking of this setup:
    7" Lilliput Monitor Touch Screen
    PC CHIPS M863G (V7.1C) AMD Geode NX Processor 1750
    Opus 150w
    200 gig Hdd
    512 mb ram
    dvd drive

    If anyone can see any problems with this setup, please let me know, im not sure about the power supply, i dont know if that is too much power(not really a bad thing) but if i could do it with a more cost efficient power supply it would be nicer on the wallet. i will probubly start ordering parts soon so please let me know.

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    Hey man congrats on the idea to start a computer in your car, check mine out for some ideas.

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