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Thread: Begginings of my carputer... LCD part one.

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    well the time has come to install the computer in the car... now one of the hardest things to choose is the case... custom... or computer case... welll since i dont want to waste too much time with making a case i actually bought one. its pretty much made for a car exept fro the size... its a good case that actually has the power supply outside... its got extra support for the hard drive to absorb shock and bumbs which is always good... n e ways check out the site and tell me what u think... i got the silver and black one. thanks!

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    That case looks cool. Might be nice to have it out in the open on display. Like you said, a little too large for car, but the tradeoff is that it can hold a lot of stuff in there (2x 3.5" HDDs, 3.5" Floppy/Card Reader, 5.25" Optical drive, Full size PCI Cards, etc.) Although I don't know if you plan on installing that much stuff. Looks kind of like a Shuttle XPC. Its nice that it's meant to have an external PSU, at least you won't waste space on that.

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    i plan to show it but have it secure so no dumb junkie can walk by and take it... its gon be a lot of work but i want everything to be done by sept! its a really nice case... and my hard drive will be seperate so i can take it in and out and update it when needed i think its gon look pretty good in the car.. ill also post pics of my trunk install soon as well... that was odne a while ago but ill show it to u guys wehn i ahve some time thanks for all the help and comments so far!

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