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Thread: Slammin' 2000 Chevy S10

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    Slammin' 2000 Chevy S10

    Hello, all! I'm new here but have been into computers for years. I'm an active member of the forums. Awhile back another member there mentioned putting a computer in his car and ever since that has been in the back of my mind. I have always wanted to get a Chevy S10 and lower it, add a nice stereo and some body mods to it. The other day I started thinking and I think this truck might just be my first carputer.

    This thread is to serve a few purposes. 1) to help me keep things organized 2) to keep you all updated on how I'm comming along with the project 3) For you all to offer input and advice as I'm sure I'll need it! If this is considered an "illegal use of posting" the mods can feel free to lock up and/or delete this thread.

    What I have now:

    2000 Chevy S10 Extended cab, step side bed, 5 speed, 4.3l V6 with mods(flowmaster exhast, Jet chip, K&N filter/intake, aftermarket throttle body), lowered, body kit, etc
    Intel P4 1.6Ghz CPU
    Xclio 450 watt PSU
    4 15" subs (2 Lightning Audio, 2 of some other brand)
    1 1000 watt amp
    Good knowledge of computers (A+ and Net+ certified)
    Better than average knowledge of electronics
    Lots of ideas

    My plan:

    I want to take the seat out of the back and use that space for a fiberglass sub box I plan on making. I want to use the carputer as my head unit and have everything run through the stereo system.

    The computer will be something alone the lines of this:

    1.6Ghz P4
    512mb RAM
    1GB SanDisk Extreme III
    200GB IDE HDD
    Micro ATX motherboard w/ onboard video (might use a Nvidia mx400 I have laying here)
    Slim slot loading DVD-ROM
    Lilliput touchscreen monitor
    Wireless keyboard w/ joystick

    I want to use the CF card as the boot device, this will keep me from reloading the whole OS in the event of a drive failure. The 200GB drive will hold my music, pictures, movies, etc. I'll use the WIFI to transfer the data from my desktop machine, where I will keep a backup, to the carputer. If the 200Gb drive fails then all I have to do is replace it and copy files, the OS and all applications will be intact.

    UPDATE: I have been thinking and have decided to go with a mobile AMD chip as the CPU for this system. I'm thinking something like a 2600+ or so will be plenty. I'll sell the 1.6Ghz P4 and Xclio PSU on ebay to help pay for some parts. I had planned on ordering some stuff this weekend but need my pay check to get tags for the truck so it will have to wait another 2 weeks.

    Here are some pictures of the truck as it is now. Check out my photobucket for more pics and some shots of my LeBaron.

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    Your S-10 looks damn good. Good luck with the install, I just this week started ordering parts for my install in my Blazer. We'll have to keep up with each other and see how each others projects come along, we both have S-series cars. Heh, my blazer is the same color as your S-10 even.

    Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.

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    Sweet truck dude. Can't wait to see what you have planned for it.

    You should check out my setup for some ideas...
    2000 Chevy S10 Xtreme - TruckputerX
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    Dont mix and match the subs. Otherwise, looks like a sold plan.

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    It'll be a fun project. here is a link to what I've got so far... I'm usually busy, so the dash part is taking FOREVER.

    Good luck, keep us posted.

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    As far as those subs go, I'm planning on selling them. I am looking to get 2 15" and 2 10" Kicker subs after i get the computer installed. Probably also gonna sell the amp and go with kicker amps as well, just to keep the same brand.

    Some thing I'm thinking about doing with the computer is to remove the passenger airbag and glove box, put a plexiglass door in place of them both and have the computer on display there. I think that would look pretty sweet! I was also thinking of making a center console and putting 2 amps in it, open the amps up so its only the circuit boards. Face the boards towards each other and stand them on their end and add some kind of light to show them off. Its kinda hard to explain but it will look cool if it works right.

    I ordered the mobo and cpu, got an AMD Athlon 2000+ Mobile chip and a BIOSTAR m-atx board. All i need now is the monitor and CF card and I can get things rolling. I think the monitor will be the hardest part....

    I'll have to check out your projects as well, I searched for " s-10" but only found like 3 results. This was awhile back tho.

    Thanks for the info and tips so far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced08
    As far as those subs go, I'm planning on selling them. I am looking to get 2 15" and 2 10" Kicker subs after i get the computer installed. Probably also gonna sell the amp and go with kicker amps as well, just to keep the same brand.
    I would stick with using the same size speakers. mixing sizes is not recommened, as it can cause some cancellation. Instead of 2 15"s and 2 10"s, how about 4 12"s? If you are interested ingoing all Kicker, I would go with:

    1- a 1200 to 1500 watt amp like this:

    2- 4 of these:

    3- 1 of these to power your mids/highs:

    4- and a high output alternator capable of 150A.

    wire the dual vc on each sub in series, then all the subs together in parallel in a sealed box. Use a 1/0 or 2 gauge power and ground. That system will slam.

    Asus P5N73-AN Mobo/Celeron E1400 2Ghz Dual Core CPU/2Gb GEIL PC3200/120GB HDD/DSATX PS/8" Phylon TS

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    Really nice ride, dude! I was thinking gettin' an s10 and droppin' it but since I didn't have the need for a pickup truck (i live in manhattan), I went with my scion xb....

    hot ride regardless! best of luck on the install!
    - sh000k
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    My Setup:

    Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

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    why would it be better to go with all the same size subs? the reason i decided on different sized ones was because larger subs have more "boom" to them, like a deeper sound while a smaller sub is better for quick, snappy bass hits. So if I get 2 sizes then it will have both the deep rumble as well as the snappy sound some song have.

    Im just getting around to getting the parts for the computer. My truck has left me sitting twice now because of bad fuel pumps and at almostr $300 each they aint cheap! I hope this one will last longer than 2 weeks, maybe then I'll be able to spend money on makin the truckl better rather than spening just to keep it running..... arg, aggravating!

    btw, here is my cardomain sit which has more pics on it. I have some on the camera that i need to upload soon too.

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    You have got to take that "Racing" sticker off, I love the truck, love the 4.3, and it might be a little quick, but until you get the 5.7 in there the racing sticker has got to go.

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