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Thread: 2001 Mustang Carputer "BlueNight" Worklog

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    2001 Mustang Carputer "BlueNight" Worklog

    After looking to most of teh 99+ mustangs in this forum I decided I didnt want to have the Screen as part of the car and be able to remove it or hide it, I had a similar idea to the double din thread but i dond what to take the screen apart. I will still try to have the screen come down so i can have access to the AC controls and put my Sony where the AC where...

    Here is an old DVD player that doesnt work, but the tray works and I will try to incorporate that in the set up...

    Her is a picture of the Laptop I will be using and the lilliput touch screen...

    Pictures of my car...

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    Im done qith the first stage of the creen build up... for now i just eanted to know how would the screen sit as is, but i can pull it off when ever i need it...
    sorry but i didnt have my other webcam so i use the old one i have.
    in these pictures you can compare the original cd and the screen and see the deck that i have the sony mex-5d1

    -- Carputer AKA "BlueNight" --
    "BlueNight" Worklog
    Carputer AKA "BlueNight"

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