This is my first post here so I'll have to explain some things before explaining my project (I didn't find a thread to make my presentation, is there any one?)
I'm french and so have a medium english level, I apologize if I make mistakes and would always be pleased if you correct me, or ask to reformulate
I am on a French CarPC forum too, so I think I know many things. If I could help here, I'll be pleased to do it.
As it's in title I have a 205 and Linux carpc project for it.
here you can see the car (website and car aren't finished yet)
and here you'll see the specifications projects for french readers.

I came here to have more help than on the french forum where they only can say "There is no GPS" when they see the 'Linux' word.
So: I don't mind GPS for now, I may buy a TomTom Go a day, if I really need (and if there is no more software to do it)
I'll have 2 LCD screens, one alphanumeric (on serial port with a module) and the other one is graphic (on parallel port) and don't need a TFT screen.
I also have gentoo installed on a 2.5" HDD, it works, but should be optimized a bit more to boot in less than 30 seconds.
Thanks to Wikipedia to find exactly what in need during the gentoo installation (http://gentoo-wiki.com/Safe_Cflags#N...FC5P_.28Via.29 )
I am learning Python to make the software (found it easy and pretty cool, because I have C language bases)
It have many advantages in my opinion: it's portable on any OS which have python interpreter or compiler and many more that you may know.

I'll probably need help to progress more in programming and make it doing what I need: display on LCDs, playing music, managing playlists, and obviously responding to commands by keyboard and the Sony X4S joystick (http://www.carmedia.org/forum2.php?c...m=&topic=16398)
Hope I'll get that help here

Later, i'd like to have a Samba server and Wifi to get and put files from any computer even during CarPC forum's meeting (they're 99% on Windows in the french forum)

This forum seems to be very cool and more "spirit opened" AND there is a Linux section !

PS: Sorry for the posting mistake, I am a bit lost here