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Thread: 1984 BMW 318i

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    I made lots of progress tonight. Got the pc all wired up into the car, and everything runs good. There are still a few loose ends to finish up, but it is fully functional.

    Here is the pc all cozy in its new home.

    All the wire laid out under the backseat. You can see how I ran the cable to the monitor on top of the tranny hump.

    Here you can see how I got the wire to the backseat. The hole that I ran the wire though was too small for the vga extender. I did not really want to cut a whole so instead I ran the wire up through the speaker hole, and under the rear deck.

    PC is running, just watching a lil SeaLab 2021

    Here is the frontend I am running (LSX Void) but the color is a little washed out from the angle of the camera.
    PC Construction

    Dash Fabrication

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    Nice job

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