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    Talking 1999 Jetta Gls

    Okay after several months of reading and fooling around I have decided to place my work done so far in hopes of some suggestions on fixing the problems im having so far.

    Items to do:
    -run line to front of car to power hub, lilli, cd
    -run line from distro box from audio system to carpc
    -run usb extension to front of car
    -run vga extension to front of car for lilli
    -rewire monsoon system to allow audigy to work

    system specs from old comp;
    Asus socket a tbird 1.2g
    512 ram
    geforce 3ultra
    sound blaster audigy2z

    Items purchased:

    -Mp3car; (all items received with amazing speed 3 days from states to Canada)
    cd slim combo
    Sirius to pc usb
    25ft vga extension
    Bytecc BT-200 USB 2.0 to IDE Adapt
    cdslim ide adapt

    -ebay; (received)
    8.4" lilli

    -local comp store; (all items received)
    3x 15' usb extension
    4port usb hub
    di-524 g router
    Bluetooth mouse
    dlink wifi usb adapt
    noname wifi usb adapt ( ordered 4 July, August no word from supplier what is happening )
    mini freedom Bluetooth keyboard

    Its been a few days since I have started but Ill try to now do a daily notice with updated pics.

    Aug 4/06
    ran extension cable that is spliced to front of car with home made adaptors purchased from radio shack.
    ran all wires to front having to do with lilli, slim cd, hub
    ran 4g power cable from distro block to back to work as power feed. ( yes I know 4g is rather big but I had lots left over from when I did my audio system )
    purchased a new car battery as it was in need for one baaaad, installed np at all

    Aug 5/06
    placed the remaining pieces of my plexi box together and placed comp in trunk. ( but second guessing my hdd location cause with as much bass as I enjoy could cause problems but testing will show.
    connected all items included both hubs ( cause I have purchased way too many usb items
    dbl checked all wires and grounds
    sparked up a smoke and placed m2 in dumb mode and used a spare power switch I had laying around and vavooom she’s alive!
    found a tie down strap in the garage and modified it to hold the comp in the trunk without moving cause I will also need to place my work boots in the trunk and at times they are wet.
    grabbed the gf and went for a cruise the faceplate wasn’t finished but felt good to see some progress instead of items in a box laying around doing nothing.
    Took gf home, switched to gps to see if the program was responding and then left for the drive to my house. 2 blocks away comp shuts off, nearly having a heart attack that a wire or something shook loose I pulled over, pulled the fuse from the distro block and continued my drive home. At this time its nearly 4am, tired I parked the car and decided to look at it in the morning.

    Aug 6/06
    7am rise and shine, cant sleep thinking about the carpc.
    check all wires, rip up carpet to see if anything got caught as I was running wires and or while I was pulling them through I had made one loose. Removed all tape from all wires, inspected solder, inspected lines for cuts and or anything loose or damaged.
    replaced all wires back into their place and took apart the plexi box, couldn’t find anything wrong with connectors and nothing had shifted. ( nylon screws are pretty sturdy believe it or not )
    replaced fuse in distro box, turned on ignition and waited. SWEETA I can hear the fans.....monitor post.
    check jumpers, check all psu connectors again incase I missed something. nada
    said a prayer and tried again....same deal fans no post, ran to get my desktop psu to check if mobo was dead.
    replaced m2atx with desktop psu, boot, post, windows great.
    searched under boxes and receipts for all items regarding the carpc and found my voltmeter and checked 12v-ok 5v-0.25v*** rest was fine
    low and behold I’m not the owner of a accessory psu which will only power accessories.
    decided to email mp3car in regarding the warranty to see whats the process and if im screwed or not.

    Then while I was bored I was searching through the forums..OMG 250WPSU I WANT ONE. While in the process of waiting on mp3car support my gf wont stop bugging me for a carpc now and decided to go look into the opus 250w a little more. Very interesting to say the least and this might be able to power my two hubs and maybe some more ram. I know this weekend is a canadian long weekend so I just might be in luck with ordering at digitalWW today for early next week delivery. Let it be known I CANT WAIT.

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    snap some pix of the install gonna do my 99.5 gls soon too

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    as soon as I get back from work ill do my basic setup atm. Its not finished but from the rough look of it now might be better to get a good look before i start "cleaning" up the look and car.

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