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Thread: 1992 Accord Install

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    1992 Accord progress

    this is my 2nd in-car computer. the first was an old Fujitsu tablet PC running MediaCar, which was good for mp3, but that was about all. this setup will be quite a bit more capable. it's based on a Toshiba Satellite laptop, running XP Pro w/ Road Runner & Destinator, and an Ex-Audio (Lilliput) touchscreen display.

    current hardware...
    Toshiba Satellite A15-S127 laptop (purchased w/ cracked screen for $130 + $45 for new LCD)
    Ex-Audio (Lilliput EBY701-NP/C/T) 7" touchscreen display ($205 shipped)

    to be purchased...
    Western Digital Scorpio 120GB 2.5" hard drive ($95 shipped!)
    USB GPS receiver
    USB bluetooth adapter
    USB slot-load DVD/CD-RW drive
    4 channel amplifier (probably ~50W/channel, nothing special)
    Verizon BroadbandAccess PCMCIA card and service
    Freedom Input Mini Bluetooth keyboard
    startup/shutdown controller (probably W3bMa5t3r's module)

    this is the mock-up of the display install. i want to relocate the climate controls, and most likely get rid of the headunit. it's not a pretty (or easy) dash to work with, but it should turn out ok.

    i have already made modifications to the laptop for a startup/shutdown controller. a simple extension of wires to a 1/8" audio jack (RadioShack #274-274), installed into the empty S-video out spot.

    i will probably use W3bMa5t3r's module, but i've also thought of using the DEI 528T. it seems to me i would need 2 of them because of the way they work (one to control each function, startup and shutdown). i'm no master electrician and could use some advice on this issue.

    i bought the laptop with a broken display with no intention of replacing it, but i found out that most displays are interchangeable as long as they have the same number of pins, and the same resolution. i found one for a different laptop that was really cheap, and i was pretty sure would work, so i bought it. only the plug for the backlight was different, and had to be swapped over. it is about 0.5mm wider, so it's a very tight fit, but it works just fine. not really important to the setup, but i thought i'd share the info.

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    I'm realy curious to see where you're at with this project, I to have a 1990 accord and a Toshiba laptop sitting around with a broken screen. I wanted to see how everything has worked for you with the relocation of the climate controls. Looks good from you're rendering.

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