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Thread: 1994 toyota camry

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    1994 toyota camry

    i think i did pretty well for a noobie, my
    worklog is here:

    hope it helps someone as well

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    forgot to add specs, it's nothing fancy but here it is:

    Dell optiplex gx150 PIII 866mhz (512mb sdram)

    opus 150W

    7" vga tft touchscreen (bought it on ebay, it's the one described in the forums as having million model numbers despite the fact that all the models are exactly the same)

    usb gps reciever

    8db wireless antenna w/dlink super G wireless card (pci slot)

    leadtek tv tuner (pci slot)

    dvd burner

    Microsoft media center edition wireless keyboard

    added a powered USB Hub

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