I'm starting the worklog a little late, but better now than never.

The computer is going to be mounted in the Frunk (Front trunk) And sealed in a lexan / wood case.

Screens final resting place.

The frunk where the computer will be mounted in a custom case.

Better shot of the Frunk.

Screen mounted in front Bezel.

The setup mounted in my car.

The computer that will run it all.

"Seats are for girly men!"

The computer specs :

1.1 GHZ Athlon processor
512 MB ram
60 Gig seagate HDD
Radeon 7500 AIW
Some random sound card that was made in china
7" Lilliput touchscreen Monitor

The main reason for this carputer setup will be Media and Car system managment. This car is being fully build and will run roughly 12 seconds in the 1/4 as well as be a mean AutoX car.

Will post more later, gotta go to work.