Well, I'm getting damned close to having everything I need for this little venture so I figured I start a thread.

My intention is to do a completely stealth 5.1 install with 8" lcd into my vintage Volvo station wagon. This will be done with a lot of scrounged, used or semi-cheap components, and (pending fruitful experimentation) a hybrid of computer satellites(don't laugh) ,home speakers and car audio bits. I'll buck up where I have to but my intention is to see if can come in under $1450CDN for the complete setup.

current component list:

via epia m10000- motherboard ordered- all other bits TBD.

TBD- most likely a xenarc 840tsv

5 cambridge soundworks satellites,
2 mb quart 6" to give some midbass punch
1 12" thiel bass driver for a sub

original amp for satellites (they run with 12v dc off an adapter)
soundstream d60ii 30w a side for the quarts
xtant 2200ix bridged to 400w x1 for the Thiel

crossover for quarts audiocontrol 2xs

potentially added during or after-
external 5.1 decoder

As you can see it's not a "true" 5.1 system really it'd be a 5.2.1, if such a thing existed... The 6" quarts should compensate nicely for the inadequacies of the tiny pc speakers. They'll be getting signal from the l and r fronts.

Pc will likely be 256mb, 100gig 2.5, slim slot dvd and an pci xfi card and M2 160w power sdupply. Eventual plans are for a auzentech soundcard and an external 5.1 decoder like the klipsch dd5.1 or a car equivalent. Also, depending on the success/failure of the pc amp/speakers, there may be new amplification or new satellites entirely.

I'm thus far only into this $580CDN ... hooray for scrounging!

Pics forthcoming...