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Thread: 1990 Nissan 200SX (240SX) Mini-ITX puter

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    1 much does this setup cost? i have a 93 240sx and i wanna do a Car PC mostly just for music and GPS...

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    Zoidman, it looks good! Any more pics so far on the progress? As for the HUD that may be a little difficult to do... Do you by any chance have the Factory HUD option? just curious. I don't believe there are any aftermarket projector setups for the windshield. I had to swap in a digital cluster + HUD for my '90. Also went with the ichi-go front end conversion.

    Also for the engine monitoring... Which motor do you have? Im assuming it's the SR20DET, only problem is i don't believe that has a port for the data. The OBD0 system of the Nissans have a very basic data plug by nissan, not enough information for data logging. If you by chance swap in another SR20 post 95/96 with the Nissan Consult plug you can have full diagnostics of your car.

    Actually it seems here that the 180sx is listed (SR20 motor) as working with the nissan consult plug, so you're pretty much good to go. Check out some of the guage layouts for the BlaZt setup. The only thing i've seen aftermarket for HUD is i believe Apex'i's monitoring program for boost/oil/pressure/water/electrical/etc etc that displays it on your windshield.....otherwise i dunno who else would make an aftermarket HUD unit..

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    very nice...

    I like the idea of making your own case to fit behind the screen... wheres your DVD/CD-ROM going though? Looks like the screen takes up the whole double-DIN... ??

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    Any update on this? Looks good!

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