Hey Guys,

I am currently installing a CarPC into my Brother 2003 Audi RS6!
After much dilerbation with him (READ: Forced) I started work on the system, using components from the system I had sitting around for his Nissan Skyline GTR which is currently waiting a Heart Transplant for a Twin Turbo V8 4WD Setup!

The Casing is the Original Audi Stacker which is slightly Modded for to hold most of the components

the System is:

Via EPIA MII 12000
80Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200.1 ATA HDD
Opus 90W Load Point Module (Used only for SDC)
AOpen 250W ATX PSU
JayCar 300W DC-AC Inverter
Audi TV Module (Hacked with SVideo/Composite Inputs)
Audi Nav+ System
Pocket PC (Bluetooth Remote)
Pioneer Credit Card Remote (IR Remote)
Homebuilt IR USB Reciever
D-Link USB WiFI Reciever (Hacked with External Antenna Output)
Cambridge Bluetooth Adapter

I do not have any photos of the Current Hardware Setup as i am still marking everything out but with a PowerUP of the system without a Casing the Video Quality and Audio Quality are Clear and Crisp!

Below are Screenshots of the Interface which should (probably wont tho) tie people over until i get Building!

Main Menu

Movie Menu

Music Menu

Music Equaliser

Music Playing Options

Current Playlist

Save/Load Playlists

Album Tracks