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Thread: 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

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    2000 Oldsmobile Alero

    UPDATE! 1/7/2007
    Money has become a problem, so I'm not replacing my amp or the sub. I was having a heating issue with the amp, but it turns out the sub was installed incorrectly, so that has been taken care of. I ran into a cute SPL XL2-120W amp for my cabin speakers, so I will have that installed this weekend when my new box is built for the sub. I should have the laptop setup within two weeks, although without the touch screen.

    My Xbox decided to take a crap over the weekend. The modchip no longe functions, as if it is turned off. Hopefully something just needs to be resoldered.

    Once I have the entire CarPC installed, I will also be installing my modded Xbox for the back. There will be one LCD installed on the back of each headrest. Plan to split the video with a VGA splitter from the Xbox. This will be mainly used for games, but also for video. The audio will be independent from the rest of the system, going to be using headphones on these.

    Because of doubts that I will be able to efficiently power everything, I will be replacing the amplifier and subwoofer. At first I will be completely getting rid of the subwoofer, and replacing the amplifier. I'm going to replace the amplifier with a 400W 4-ch amp, much nicer than the current amp. Once I have everything installed I will be installing a second battery for the Xbox setup, and also installing a second amplifier to power the new subwoofer. I thought I would like the loud bass, but I hate it. Most likely going to be going with a smaller 10" or 8" setup.

    Just started off my Alero last weekend. Installed a Sony Xplod 500W amp, and Kicker Solo-Baric L5 12" sub. Everything is currently a mess in my trunk, going to take care of mounting and securing everything this weekend.

    Sorry, no pictures!

    To-do list
    • Build new box for sub woofer. Secure it in the trunk.
    • Mount & secure both amplifiers.
    • Replace accessory bezel in center console
    • Connect laptop to both amplifiers & the sub woofer.
    • Install 7" VGA touch screen, indash.
    • Install DVD-RW slim drive. Location not decided.

    • Install second battery.
    • Install Xbox & 2 LCD's for headrests, video being split with a VGA splitter.

    Installed parts
    • Sony Xplod 500W XM-504Z
    • Kicker Solo-Baric L5 12"

    Needed parts
    • Accessory bezel - not ordered. possibly find in a junk yard somewhere.
    • 7" VGA Touchscreen - not ordered.
    • Sony DVD-RW Slim drive (black) - not ordered.
    • Turtle Beach Roadie - ordered. (returned Zalman to shelf)
    • iOne TBP5 RF Wireless Laser mouse - not ordered.
    • W3bMa5t3r's Laptop Auto Power-On / Turn-On Module - not ordered.
    • Laptop DC Car adapter (HP Pavilio ze1210) - ordered.
    • Stinger 4 8 Gauge Power Ground Distribution Block - not ordered.
    • VGA splitter - already own.
    • 2 8" headrest LCD's - not ordered.

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    I have an alero too. I would like to see yours to completion, and perhaps my own someday.
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