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Thread: 1986 Plymouth Caravelle

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    1986 Plymouth Caravelle

    This is my 1986 Plymouth Caravelle A.K.A. "The Beast"

    I've been searching for a long time now for a solution to my multimedia needs. I have thousands of songs on my computer and am constantly burning cd's. I first thought of getting a dvd deck and burning my mp3's onto dvds. But there was still the problem of burning a lot of cds. I then looked into finding a deck with usb inputs to read off a usb drive. But with that many songs, it gets to be a pain to browse through them all.

    So finally I have decided to intergrate a car pc into my ride. I will be putting a lot of planning into my setup and will be coming to this forum for any help.

    I will keep this log up to date with any ideas and updates.

    BTW: You can find more pictures of my car @ Car Domain.

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    Well.. I have been doing a lot of thinking and research in the last while. My original plan was to setup a car pc and use an in-dash lcd monitor with touchscreen. I've realised that this may not be the best solution because my steering wheel blocks the view of the screen when I am in the drivers seat.

    I have recently bought a pair of bucket seats off a friend that I plan to install this weekend. (will post pics) So my new plan is to custom build a console in between the front seats and build an lcd into the console.

    Now to decide what size screen I want.

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