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Thread: 2001 Mitsubishi Spyder GTPC

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    Nice install. I especially like the stealthy face-plate cover. It's too bad about loosing that motherboard though. I have a pretty good hunch that the cause was that white foam you had the motherboard sitting on. I'm not sure if anyone told you this yet but it is slightly conductive and has the potential to fry computers that sit atop it. Search the forums for other examples. It looks like you have got it under control know though. Just a word of caution for future builds.
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    Good progress. The car reminds me of an insane audio system I did once in one of those. The girl wanted 2 sets of 3-way seperates up front. I talked her out of putting BOTH of the Boston tweets up front, they as bright as the day is long, but the dual 6.5 Pro series in the doors gave midbass unlike anything I'd ever heard.

    The trunk of your car looks good stealth. The faceplate security is a nice touch. I'd done that a couple times - including a 93 Grand Prix in which the stock gutted plate was hiding an alpine double-din, 3-disc changer w/ built in real time spectrum analyzer. The radio at that time, 1995/6? went for about $2500. Car was broken into and the FACTORY gutted plate was stolen and the Alpine left behind...maybe a stupified thief? Either way, I like the setup so far and from now on I'm officially nicknaming you the smiley guy! I've never seen such a use of smiley faces...
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    Holy hell thread revival!

    Finally got time to work on this beast now that school's out.

    I completely gutted the system and reinstalled Windows, having finally bought Streetdeck (I wanted it nice and clean). Also took the time while I had the motherboard out of the car to mount the HD on the back of my bracket, which I can say I'm pretty proud of how that turned out. (Pictures to follow). I also installed my BU-353 inside the dash, and it works great through my USB hub. I'm very happy so far with Streetdeck and that's without the update, I'm holding off on that to see what happens to the skin I'm using (which is, btw, a modified version of the Scion Night Life skin by 06TC_OWNER as discussed in his thread here).

    I'm expecting my navigation DVDs to arrive tomorrow so I'll use that time to take some more pics.

    Pics from today!

    Back side of my motherboard bracket:

    Close up of the rubber grommets that I stole from a defunct DVD combo drive.

    There you have it so far. I've had to readjust my plan for the total system completion because of professional expenses, but no worries. It'll get FULLY completed one day!

    I'm also re-evaluating my screen set up. The DL065A doesn't really work well in my car, because of cosmetic issues (finding out I'm too anal to have something so recessed in my dash), size, DVD not playing well because of bandwidth hogging between that and the sound card, and, most importantly, viewability. So my plans now are to buy the double din bolt in kit, see if it fits my car, make necessary adjustments, and fit the transflective 7 inch Lilliput in there. I'm also going to be eventually selling the DL065A so expect a FS thread in the appropriate sub-forum (or I might just sell it to my dad).

    As far as optical drives go, I'm probably going to buy a slot load DVD writer and mount a Firewire external enclosure in my arm rest.

    More tomorrow!!

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    very good work i like how you made the deck cover out of your old deck and very clean work

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    As promised....

    Finally received my Streetdeck DVDs, after sitting at the Dallas UPS regional center for about 30 hours with no status change. I HATE UPS.


    I stuck my BU-353 behind the instrument cluster, under the shroud. Report from this unit is that it gets great reception no matter where you put it in the car, and so far, I've had nothing but flawless from this little thing.

    Close up:

    Amazing how, even though it's sideways, it still has the correct orientation of the vehicle.

    Having fully installed SD I'm really pleased with the whole thing......except.......

    My audio card hogs up so much USB bandwidth and my onboard video card sucks so bad, there's a lot of lag and the system is just SLOW even though it shouldn't be.

    First things, I need to minimize WinXP. What a great exploration that's going to be.

    But I will also need to upgrade my video card, and just plain get a new soundcard.

    I also took some pics (squeezing my huge Sony Mavica in between the carpet and computer) to check for clearance space, and I'll have more than enough if I get a reverse PCI riser card and stick a low profile video card in there. I'll definitely want to get a grill of some sort to allow for more air passage into that little cave.

    Here's the pic:

    And another:


    Anyway.....anyone know of a better sound card than the Roadie Audio Advantage? that doesn't take up TERABYTES OF MY BANDWIDTH?????

    ....I'm being sarcastic, of course I'll search............

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    good to know about the frame. something like that seems like it would be inexcuseable to most people.
    I think it was Roadrunner.

    I haven't had any issues whatsoever with that in Streetdeck.

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    im subscribing to updates on your project. ^_^

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