Last year, I crashed my Legacy L and it was almost totaled....(about $2000 away from it). Good thing I have good insurance. So, I got it back about 8 months ago and its time to mod the heck out of it, cause it deserves it. I will begin the smaller things soon, and the more larger projects this upcoming summer. Projected date of completion is around Spring 2009.

-Body Kit (make it look like an STi) <--not for another year or so
-JDM Head/Tail lights. (or bake the amber color off)
-Tinted Windows
-New Pain Job (Impreza Pearl Blue) <--not for another year of so
-2 Black racing stripes down the middle of the car.
-Gold Rims

Carputer (Mac Mini + Lilliput 7" touchscreen)
-STi Seats (both front and back)
-Change the dash lighting from lame green to either white or blue
(my apologies to the ones who like the color green)
-Updated Steering wheel (05 Legacy Steering Wheel)
-New shift stick and E-brake styled like STi.
-Change the woodgrain dash plates to silver (from the subaru baja)

Cobb air intake installation.

So there you go. Thats the plan as of right now. I'll be putting up some pics of the stock Legacy tomorrow, depending on the weather, and if I get it washed or not.