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Thread: 2005 chrsler 300 carpc

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    2005 chrsler 300 carpc

    ok after reading for about 3 months i decided to get in on the carpc thing. now mind you i am not a BALLER! So my funding is very limited. so i did what any sensible person would do. shop around! My launching ground was ebay which i can tell anyone that is looking into getting a carpc if you are not looking to build a pc yourself and not spend an arm and a leg i suggest going to ebay to get what you need. so first my options for a car pc some with monitors and one without:

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    now i knew that i did not want to do a custom dash with a 7" screen or larger i wanted a motorized screen coming out of the dash because for the biggest reason DIRTY ROTTEN THEIVES! the car alone is a magnet for attention and then there you have this wonderful 7-10" screen built in the dash, wow they would have a field day on my ride. i decided to go with the first choice for the carpc for 230.00 because even though the unit is kinda big but at the same time it is much easier to upgrade because of the size. my battery is in the trunk so mounting the unit in the trunk would be the best course of action. here is the screen i purchased from ebay which was alot cheaper than what ive seen on ebay or any other site and it is a lilliput:

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    my next issue was learning the inner workings of my car and setting up everything correctly. the pc i got really had everything i needed the software, the gps ant, wireless mouse, wifi ant, and the dude is so kool because he gave me his number and answered any question i had about the pc no matter how stupid i may have sounded he gave me all the info i needed. i will post pics soon and give more info on how things are coming along.

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    A 300 is going to be a thief magnet no matter what you put in it. People break into cars all the time to steal single din head units, that flip-out screen isn't going to make your vehicle look any less attractive to a thief.

    Just get some nice insurance that covers your stereo equipment and stuff and go nuts. If it gets broken into you'll get all your money back and you can start again...I know I'm not the only person on here who thinks this stuff is fun

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    Check out my setup - I'm using a tablet laptop that takes me like 5 seconds to mount and dismount. I also have c0cksucking thieves (in in NYC) and i didn't want to have something "custom" into my dash. my car looks bone stock when it's parked and i want to keep it that way!!!!

    An alternative is to mount a slim pc under your driver seat (although everyone says not to) and have a 7" lilliput/xenarc that you can wire n keep under the drivers seat. you can find a way to mount those small things in a "temporary" way...

    I think that's what your dash looks like. if thats the case, you can easily mount something via the little CD holder/slot area right in front of the shifter - under the temprature controls! take a look at my setup to see how i mounted mine - hopefully you'll get an idea.

    I actually bought an HP slim PC (for $50 =P) that i was going to use in my car. I was also going to buy a xenarc 7" touch screen and set it up in the same way i just mentioned. then, along came this table laptop that i got a great ******* deal on (1/4th of the price) so i went that route. it's even "cleaner" in terms of running wires in my car, etc, but whether you go the slim pc/xenarc route or tablet route - you get the same thing done. ;]
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    My Setup:

    Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

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