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Thread: 95 V6 Mustang Convertible

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    95 V6 Mustang Convertible

    Well I have been browsing the forums for a long time, and I got $200 for xmas. I used that money to buy a 7" lilliput screen. I have a compaq laptop, and bought some usb/vga extension cables. I have to use the HU for an amp as of now, but that will change when more money comes. I'm going to have the comp in the trunk, and run the cables through the back seats, under the carpets, ext.

    This is my stang:
    (only $1500!)

    From what I read, moving the AC controls to the bottom was supposed to be very hard... it was a bit annoying but not that bad at all. I have pictures of the process which ill post up tomorow when I'm back home. If anyone has some ideas for me, that would be awesome. Only thing is I'm on a tight budget... very tight. Hope to make a nice ride here, hope you like how it turns out. -MRniceGuy

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    Not bad for $1500...


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