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Thread: 700 TSV replacement

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    700 TSV replacement

    I have a Xenarc 700 TSV molded into my dash. It recently died so I'm looking for a new touchscreen monitor.

    My question is if the Xenarc 702 TSV or the 706 TSA has the same screw locations for the outer casing, because I don't want to re-mold my dash, i just want to buy a new unit and screw into the my current 700TSV front bezel that's bonded to my dash. I'm not worried about the buttons because i use the RF remote.

    Or should I just play it safe and buy another 700 TSV so that i know it fits?

    Can anyone give any insight? Thanks.

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    The screw locations are different. Even the 2010 model 700TSV is a bit different. If you don't want to re-mold the dash, you could buy parts from us.

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