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Thread: 700IDT wont turn on

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    700IDT wont turn on

    Hi all

    I am having a very frustrating time with my 700IDT.

    I bought it a few months ago but never used it. I went to install it today, and plugged it all up. It worked fine, but then when I put it into the dash it didn't work anymore. So I pulled it out again and it started to work again. Now I have it hooked up to my bench 12v power supply and it just wont work, at all, no matter what I do. Multimeter says I have power on my power rail, I am wondering if my "Ribbon Cable" is rooted?

    The thing just wont turn on. It was working fine one minute, then I pushed the monitor into its case, and now it just wont work.

    I live in Australia and would prefer not to have to do the whole send backwards and forwards thing as this will take quite some time, and cost a fair bit of money. Can anyone offer some advice?


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    Further information on this:

    I have been able to narrow the problem to to the flat cable connection in the screen itself. By playing with it I can now get the screen to turn on, but it will not display a picture. I could fix this myself however the sticker regarding my warranty says no...

    What to do?

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    This is a fairly common problem with the 700IDT, I've had the issue twice. Call Xenarc, they'll ship you a new cable for around $20. It's a crappy design to be honest.
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    The design has been improved through out the years. This shouldn't happen. Anyways, please contact us directly so we can get more information from you as the manufacturing date, purchase date, the store you purchased it from, etc. We can definitely send you another flat ribbon cable. We also have authorized dealer in Australia that we can put you in contact with.

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