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Thread: Xenarc 700YV mirror image control

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    Xenarc 700YV mirror image control

    I bought this monitor specifically because it was advertized to provide mirror-image control. I am using a back-up camera, but have it looking forward. Since the camera is already preset to input only a mirror-image I need to set the camera to mirror-image that mirror-image so that I end up with a non-mirror-image image. Imagine that!

    So, the question I have is - how do I get the 700YV to do what it promised to do - that is, mirror-image the video input signal it receives?

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    Hi there, it is shown in page 9 of the instruction manual. You can go into the OSD menu, go under the Option tab, and change Horizontal to ON. Please feel free to contact us at 888-656-6536 option 2 if you have any further question.

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