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Thread: Xenarc 700YYV VGA/Serial Cable

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    Xenarc 700YYV VGA/Serial Cable

    Hi All,

    I just bought one of the above screens on ebay but I didn't know until afterwards that it doesn't take a normal vga cable or serial cable. It didn't come with the cable. I have contacted the seller but he says that he doesn't have the cable at all, it was left in the car he sold. The issue is that there is no where I can find a replacement by the looks of it, did a bit of searching. I can only get the VGA/USB one, not the vga/serial one my screen needs.

    So, does anyone know where I can get a serial cable version of the cable required for this screen?

    Appreciate your help if possible.


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    Thanks Jason for the info. I live in Australia so it's a bit hard to ring, so can I email the sales or support depts? What is their addresses?


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    Feel free to contact our sales or support department. We may have this cable still available for you. Thank you.


    949-380-8898 ext 117

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    email me at [email protected]. We have a distributor in Australia so we can direct you there if the cable is still in stock. It's an old cable, probably about 6 + years but we try to keep some of the older accessories on hand for this type of support situation. Thanks.

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