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Thread: Where to get Media Center 2005?

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    My computer arrives thursday

    My friend downloaded it and he doesn't like it But I personaly think its perfect.
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    You think 2005 is good... wait till the longhorn version... it will blow everything out of the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trancified
    You think 2005 is good... wait till the longhorn version... it will blow everything out of the water.
    2007, 8, 9 ?
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    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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    Oh THATS, howdy Frodo (and I still am not looking forward to spending $140 for something I might or might not like..ugh!)

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    Am I getting this right?

    Media Center is a new operating system from MS?

    Can it replace my existing XP Pro installation?

    Is it actually available now to buy?

    Im on the MS site now and it seems to be a complete hardwarde and software package.....will read on though

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    Media Center is a modified version of Windows XP to run on Media Center computers...

    From my understanding, just like Tablet Edition, Media Center edition was released to be sold with specific hardware (like specific computers from Sony and other vendors), that have particular hardware requirements (TV card, etc)...

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    You need a pretty good computer to run it. I played around with it on the weekend on a PIII 500 with 512 megs of ram and a TI4200 128 meg vid card on purpose to see if it was a viable addition to my carPC.

    Strange thing is XP Pro on the same PC ran much faster. The Media part is almost like a seperate shell within XP, you need a lot of power. Buttons and text would be fine on a TV or standard screen but a 7 inch screen seems to small.

    The DVD, MP3, TV is awsome but no way to add your own apps and launch from the main menu that I could see.

    Excellent Home Entertainment Center though

    Those are just my quick observations, I spent about 2 hours with it so I am no expert.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frodobaggins
    2007, 8, 9 ?
    6.. hopefully

    and I heard it was actually kind of a dissapointment.. Obviously we wont really know until the time comes.. but..
    I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

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    You have an XBox layin around? I wanna backup the hard drive of a XBox to see if the OS will run on a computer. But I dont know anyone with an XBox that will lemme take the hard drive out, put it into my computer, and back it up onto my hard drive.
    never work. altho there is a xbox emulator, I forget what its called tho.
    How in the world would you put the special AirPort card in a PC? Mine is a Mac anyway but it's too old to AirPort. I just use a zip drive to transfer.

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    So is MCE2005 based upon XP Home or Pro? or a hybrid approach?

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