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Thread: Windows Media Center

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    Windows Media Center


    I have built a Car PC with the new via sp13000
    and i have installed Windows Media Center 2005
    This front end is wonderfull the only problem is the size of the buttons
    (volume, next, prev, ect...)

    Do you know if there's any possibility to have bigger buttons with this application ?

    Many thanks and best regards,

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    Supposedly there is a way to skin it but I don't think anyone has actually done anything with it.
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    I know you can edit the ehres.dll file to change icons or wallpaper etc...
    but i don't know how to change the size of the control bar...

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    currently with my experience with mce2k5 the only way i found to make the buttons big enough is to drop the rez to 640x480.

    unless somebody does know how to make the buttons bigger, i too would like to know.
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    The only thing I see about MCE2k5 is that you can't integrate GPS... It needs to be external. But I'll admit, MCE is very cool and smooth. Does it work with ATI tuners?
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    Microsoft's website has a list of compatible tuners. it needs to use the right driver model (so MCE can communicate with it) and it must have a hardware MPEG2 encoder. the video card needs to support certain things as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnezium
    The only thing I see about MCE2k5 is that you can't integrate GPS... It needs to be external. But I'll admit, MCE is very cool and smooth. Does it work with ATI tuners?
    ATI All-in-Wonder 9600+ now work in MCE with the latest catalyst. You have to install in this order: WDM NSP, Drivers, MMC, Control Panel. then the DVD Decoder (requires an original Cat CD to verify), its best to download them as seperate packages. They also have HD Wonder and eHome wonder that has always been supported in MCE.
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    Microsoft Windows XP Automotive Edition Skin(Still in progress but letting you see)

    its currently still in progress but it will have bigger buttons. its not mce5 though it's automotive edition.

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    So how did you manage to get Media Center to work on your PC? From what i know its not that easy and there are lots of compatibility issues, that's why its available as an OEM only and not an FPP product. I have a sumicom sp 625 with a pentium mobile 1.6ghz procrssor and i am using the built in intel graphics card, would it work?

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    it's not that hard. all you need is compatible hardware:

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